Hybrid propulsion - construction and principles of operation

Hybrid propulsion is a technology and a marketing slogan that have recently made a great career. It is worth to know what does it mean.

hybrid car

Since people become more aware of the importance of ecology, automotive companies have been working on replacing noisy and producing pollutants internal combustion engines by something more environment friendly. The obvious solution was an electric motor. However, insufficiently developed technology of manufacturing car batteries (they have too short life and are too heavy), forced the engineers to design a compromise solution. When it comes to the hybrid, admittedly, we still have to deal with liquid fuel engine, but it works in much more economical manner, often being only the generator for the electrical unit.

The division of job between the two engines is different, depending on the structure. In the popular Toyota Prius electric motor can drive the car alone, but in situations of high demand for power (e.g. during acceleration), both units are working simultaneously. Thanks to such solutions and patents like the process of recovering energy from braking, hybrid cars burn even half less fuel than conventional vehicles!